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                " Cash Building System Unlimited " 

            By utilizing our direct-mail postcard marketing system through the Cash Building System Unlimited compensation pay plan, you can build yourself a serious flow of cash... Every Week... as your team grows.

            The program is a simple 2 phase program. The cost of Phase 1 to join is just a $50 membership fee. You will receive 200 postcards and 200 names of prospects on peel and stick labels to mail your postcards to. You will also receive a Phase 2 Upgrade Form, Postcard order form, Your Personal ID# and much more.

            When someone joins the program from your postcards, you receive $25.

        NO Cold Calling

   NO Explainin

NO Selling

               NO Monthly Products Purchase to Make

      NO Internet or Computer Required

                Just mail our postcards and let the system do all the work for you. It's that simple!   

               When you are ready to make bigger money, just upgrade to Phase 2 of our program. 


     Try to join Phase 2 as soon as possible to avoid missing out on future commissions. If you are not a member of Phase 2, we will send your sponsor’s Phase 2 upgrade form to your new member.

     How Phase 2 works:     Pick the level you are joining, pay each member on that level, mail postcards and/or flyers. Your commission, for each member you bring into the business, depends on your level and your new member’s level.

      Example:  You join level 4, your new member joins Level 1, you make $70. If they join Level 2 you make $350. If they join Level 4 you make $1050. If they join Level 6 you make $1050. The rest of money is spill over and goes to your sponsor (up to their level).

       So, try to sign up on the highest level you can to collect as much money as you can!!                                                                                                                                            

     Spill over Bonus:  You get paid up to the level you are signed up for. Any money above that goes to your sponsor, up to their level. This is spill-over.                                                                                                                                              

    Upgrade Bonus:   If one of your personal downline members upgrades to a higher level you will receive $200.00 per level.

      You can upgrade any time. Just send in the difference between level you are currently at and the level you are upgrading to.

     How to get started:    Pick the level you wish to start. Complete the form (Form 1-B) and purchase 3 money orders. Make money orders payable to each member and monitor for exact amount on the level you are starting. Now, return the 3 money orders or cash and Form 1-B to: JD Marketing     

 (This form will be in your starter package)

Commissions, postcards and labels mail on Saturdays via Priority mail.


     8 levels, 2 pay positions per level, $25 fast start bonus, spill over bonus, upgrade bonus, residual income.

     Phase 1  -  $50.00 is all it takes to get you on the road to financial freedom. For your $50.00 you will receive 200 cards and names, phase 2 upgrade form, order form and copy of our flyer. You get $25, plus 200 cards and names every sign up you receive. When you want to make bigger money, simply upgrade to phase 2.

     Phase 2  - When you upgrade to Phase 2 you will be placed in position1. When someone signs up under your ID# they go in position 1 and you move to position 2. Below is Phase 2 Entry Fees and commissions.


Entry Fee

(Phase 2)

Position 1

Your Commission 70%

Position 2

    Your Sponsor 20%

JD Marketing

Monitor 10%

Level 1         $100.00




Level 2         $500.00




Level 3         $1000.00




Level 4         $1500.00




Level 5         $2000.00




Level 6         $2500.00




Level 7         $3500.00




Level 8         $5000.00




( Commission depend on your level and new members level )




        When you join phase 1, you will receive a phase 2 upgrade form with information on your sponsor and the exact amount of money needed per level. Phase 2 commission depends on your level and new members level.

  Join Phase 1 today and start receiving commissions.       


(800) 809-3523   24 Hour Recorded  InformationLine                        


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